The Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty was established on June 1st, 1965 as the Civil Engineering Faculty within the structures of the Higher Engineering School. In those days the studies were carried in the evening and in extramural mode in field of urban and industrial engineering, technologyofbuilding components and prefabrication, roads and streets as well as sanitary engineeringwithheatand health devices.

In 1967 the Civil Engineering Faculty obtained the right to conduct full-time engineering studies, and since 1973 – the right to conduct master studies. In 1974 second cycle master studies were launched.

In 1977 the Higher Engineering School in Lublin was transformed into Lublin University of Technology, and in 1986 the former Institute was named the Faculty of Civil and Sanitary Engineering. The studies were conducted in two fields: Civil Engineering and Sanitary Engineering.

In June 1994 The Central Commission on Scientific Titles and Degrees authorised the Faculty to award the academic degree lf doctor of technical sciences in civil engineering. Till the end of 2012 the Faculty Board awarded 32 persons with the scientific degree of doctor of technical sciences in civil engineering.

In 2004 the Faculty of Environmental Engineering was separated from the Faculty of Civil and Sanitary Engineering. In the same year the new field of study was established – Architecture and Urban Planning.

On July 1st, 2009 Faculty of Civil and Sanitary Engineering was transformed into Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Till now over 10 000 students of engineering and master studies of many specializations graduated from the Faculty.